What is Outvote?

Outvote is an app that makes it easy to text your friends with reminders to register and vote. We use public data to provide you with information about which friends vote frequently, which friends don’t, and who needs to register. Our mission is to promote voter participation within progressive campaigns, this November and beyond. We know that voting recommendations from friends and family are worth significantly more than political advertising, and Outvote has been proven to make personalized voter outreach effective and efficient.

Is Outvote affiliated with any political parties or organizations?

While we are trusted partners of several political organizations and may share plenty in common, we were founded and currently operate independently.

I want to get involved! How can I help?

Great! The first thing we recommend is to download the app and start using it to remind your friends to vote. Outvote was inspired by the effectiveness of 1-to-1 organizing, and we make it easy to make a difference from anywhere—including your couch. We show you which voting districts your contacts live in, so you can see for yourself who has a swing vote and who doesn’t.

If you want to start a new campaign using Outvote, shoot us a note here and we’ll get you set up! If you want to use the app to help an existing campaign, we’re all for it—however, please note that we recommend reaching out to organizers directly with any questions, since Outvote operates independently of individual campaigns.

How do I get the app? Will it work on my phone?

Download Outvote wherever you get your apps—it’s free to use and can be downloaded for iPhone and Android.

What candidates are currently using Outvote?

We are currently used across the US by over 500 active campaigns and many more individuals. To see who’s already involved with Outvote, check out the full list of candidates/ campaigns as soon as you download and open the app.

I work for a campaign—does Outvote offer resources for organizations as well as individuals?

Absolutely! One thing setting Outvote apart from other voting apps is the campaign packages we offer, ranging from local to national in scale. These include special SMS pricing and email blast templates to help reach as many people as possible. Our pricing is competitive which enables even the smallest organizing efforts to partner with us to increase voter turnout.

How much does using Outvote cost?

The app is free to download and use for iPhone and Android. For campaigns and advocacy organizations, we offer competitively priced packages with additional discounts for coordinated efforts or high volume usage. Send an email to team@outvote.io for full details on pricing.

How does Outvote use my data?

Outvote uses publicly available voter files to match your phone’s contacts with registered voters. If we can’t match one of your contacts, it may be due to how they’re entered in your phone or it may be because they have a very common name in the US.

When you sync your contacts on the Outvote app, we store only the first, middle, and last names of your contacts as well as their phone, email, and zip code on our servers. We store any corrections you make to improve our matching for other users. We also give you the option to report back to campaigns on how your conversations are going.

All of this information can be removed at any time from our servers through the app settings page.

I’m having trouble finding a campaign— what do I do?

If our search feature isn’t turning up the campaign you’re looking for, send us a note and we’ll help you locate it. It may be the case that the campaign hasn’t partnered with us yet, but you can always use Outvote to reach voters with your own messaging if you have a particular campaign in mind.

Where can I follow Outvote on social media? How can I contact you directly?

Feel free to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and check out our contact page for info about how to reach out!

Is the app available in multiple languages?

In addition to services in English, Outvote offers some Spanish language campaign resources. We understand that voter outreach across multiple language groups is critically important in this country, which is why we hope to offer full app, email and website services in multiple languages in the future. However, we are a very small operation, so your patience in the meantime is greatly appreciated.

Does Outvote have any positions available?

Outvote is hiring! Shoot us an email at team@outvote.io to learn more about available positions.