Outvote is currently hiring for the roles listed below.

Lead Engineer

Outvote’s Lead Engineers will be responsible for owning and maintaining the entire Outvote technical stack. They will write code and contribute to the development process, collaborating with the CTO, team members, and contractors on everything from requirements and design to implementation and quality assurance.

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Client Solutions Manager

Outvote is looking for an enthusiastic, communicative, partnership-driven manager to join our Client Solutions team. This is a great opportunity to establish visibility and high impact with the nation’s leading progressive causes, organizations and Democratic campaigns. Outvote’s Client Solutions Manager will serve as the go-to expert for Outvote clients, and help our partners maximize use of and success within Outvote’s suite of digital activism tools.

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VP of Sales

Outvote’s VP of Sales will be responsible for building strong relationships across an array of customer segments (including progressive and Democratic activist organizations, 501(c)4s, 501(c)3s, political campaigns, political action committees, and more), and ultimately booking new revenue.

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