Flip an election this November

Outvote allows you to plug into Democratic campaigns as a digital activist. We find your friends that are registered to vote in the district and let you use scripts provided by the campaign to reach out.

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Join a Campaign

Help elect the candidate you want to see in office.


Find a candidate

Browse your local candidates and find a champion of democracy who needs your help to win.

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Spread the word

Outvote shows you which of your contacts are voters so that you can mobilize them before election day.

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Make an impact

Tell your friends to do the same. Word of mouth is the best form of advocacy and the only way for a campaign to go viral.


A single recommendation from a friend is worth 10,000 ad impressions.

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    Voter Matching

    Outvote does data magic to find you the right message for the right friend at the right time.

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    Push Notifications

    Sending push notifications and reminders to custom groups makes it easy to keep the energy up!

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    One Touch Scripts

    Release successful scripts as one-touch templates to kick off a conversation or rekindle a waning one - with gusto!

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    Real-time chat builds community with rewards, challenges and unlockable content to celebrate small victories.

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    NGP Van Sync

    Users contribute streamlined data entry right in the message thread - Outvote then auto-syncs with NGP Van.

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    Identify Influencers

    Reach out to the most well connected peers in your network and recruit them to spread the word.

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Activism insights

Watch your grassroots campaign grow. Figure out what messaging works best with your constituents.

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Simple content management

Easily update the actions and scripts available to your digital supporters based on the needs of your campaign.

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Does it work?

This is what we saw last November

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Outvote App

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See what campaigns are saying


Call us for campaigns with over 750k voters. All tiers include a 14 day free trial.



  • 50K Max Voters
  • First 500 messages are free
  • Next 4,000 messages are $200
  • Next 8,000 messages are $300
  • 2.4c per message thereafter
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  • 150K Max Voters
  • First 1,000 messages are free
  • Next 6,000 messages are $250
  • Next 10,000 messages are $350
  • 2.4c per message thereafter
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  • 750K Max Voters
  • First 5,000 messages are free
  • Next 10,000 messages are $300
  • Next 25,000 messages are $600
  • 2.0c per message thereafter
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